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Ohio Random Selection Program

In 1998 Ohio began a random selection program to show financial responsibility (proof of insurance) for any vehicle that is registered with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV).  This means any vehicle with current registration and a sticker placed on valid plates can be pulled from a random pool.

Section 4509.101 (A)(1) of the Ohio Revised Code states in part, that “…no person shall operate or permit the operation of a motor vehicle in this state, unless proof of financial responsibility is maintained continuously throughout the registration period with respect to that vehicle…” The law further requires that a person be able to verify this proof of financial responsibility under a variety of circumstances, including those stated in 4509.101 (A) (3) (c), “…Whenever, in accordance with rules adopted by the registrar, the person is randomly selected by the registrar and requested to provide such verification…”

Research programs in other states that require proof of insurance at the time of registration reveals that many individuals obtain insurance just prior to registration and then cancel that insurance immediately. The Legislature considered many options, including utilizing the Deputy Registrars, before deciding to implement the current law.

If you are randomly selected you will be required to show current financial responsibility for a a particular vehicle on a certain date.  Failure to do so would jeopardize your driving privileges and you would also be subject to fines and fees.

We recommend to all our auto customers to please contact us if and when you receive the random notice. When you do so, we make copies of the notices and submit them on your behalf with the most up-to-date insurance information. We keep all this information on file with the rest of your policy information in the event you would ever need to re-produce such documentation.

More information can be found on the Ohio Department of Public Safety’s website under the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

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